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WINK offers a range of repair and refurbishment services:

Frame Polish $80
Freshen up your glasses that are dull, scratched or chewed by the dog!! Frames are polished by a skilled technician using a buffing machine with special attention to problem areas.

Specialty Repair $150
Broken arm, hinge replacement, soldering metal or welding acetate. Repaired at a specialty lab with care and efficiency.

Major Repair $250
Specialty repair with an added frame polish to look like new.

Replacement Lenses
Revamp your favourite sunglasses with new non-prescription sun lenses.
Tinted solid grey, brown $160
Polarised solid grey, brown $200
Custom tint, upload image $200

All Refurbishments include:

Shipping both ways
Deep cleaning
Tightening screws
Microfiber bag/cloth
Lens cleaner