Founded by optometrist Jo Twaddell in 2006, we’ve been helping our loyal customers see the world clearly for over a decade. A glasses wearer herself, Jo saw a need to provide spectacle wearers with more choice in a market where mass-produced eyewear is the norm. No two people are the same and we believe glasses should be just as unique.

WINK is based in Elwood but our community goes beyond with word of mouth doing the talking for us. We’re a myopia/hyperopia utopia. Come see for yourself. Literally.

Our Team

  • Jo

    Jo is passionate about eyes!

    Since graduation from Optometry at QUT in Brisbane in 1993, Jo has worked in Australia, Canada and the UK.

    She has been supported by the WINK community over the last decade while also tackling things like a post graduate in Ocular Therapeutics, raising three boys and dodging random cars parking in the shop.

  • Elena

    Elena is our Senior Optometrist, who you may remember her face from Saturday’s in past years. Since graduating in 2018 from a post graduate Doctor of Optometry which included prescribing ocular medicines, Elena has worked across Melbourne, Tassie and even spent time learning in the USA and north-west WA!

    Her passion came from wearing glasses and contacts from a young age so she understands the importance of clear & comfortable vision. She loves talking to patients about their eye health and exploring all of their options. Her interests include diagnosis and management of eye disease and myopia management.

  • Robbie

    Hailing from the lower North Island in New Zealand, this kim-chi consuming, B.B King listening Kiwi can help you with all your optical needs.

    Qualified Dispensing Optician and big time chiller.

  • Lucy

    Lucy is experienced in all aspects of optics from sales, operations and clinical management and has even spent time abroad in Germany perfecting her skills.

    A bona fide eyewear collector, Lucy almost owns a different pair of glasses for every day for a month. Now that’s commitment.