Since 2006, we’ve been helping our loyal customers see the world clearly. We offer a highly curated range of crafted glasses and sunglasses. No two people are the same and we believe glasses should be just as unique.

WINK is based in Elwood but our community goes far beyond with word of mouth doing the talking for us. We are a myopia hyperopia utopia. Come see for yourself. Literally.

Get to know us!

We all have different styles but can agree on the sublime craftsmanship of Jacques Marie Mage and the old school hip hop bling of Cazal. Certainly all collectors items for the collectors!


The drawers for the glasses are scattered around housing around 36 optical and sunglasses. They are currently in rotation as the eyes just ain't what they used to be and the lenses are in need of upgrading!!

Glasses during the week and sometimes contact lenses for sport or the weekend.  Elena has a pretty mean collection of frames herself.  She was a loyal WINK customer before she became WINK's Optometrist and she's not afraid to be adventurous.

Jacques Marie Mage is a sure winner these days.  Lucy also loves anything with a 'Fashion Tint'. Actually, Lucy loves them all.

Sure did! Back in can ask us all about it next time you are in store!