If you think about it a pair of glasses are like a trusted friend. We call on them to help us see the world clearly, they give us daily (in)sight and hanging out with them makes us look really smart. The friendship shared between a human and a pair of spectacles is intimate and at WINK it’s our job to find your perfect match.

Founded by optometrist Jo Twaddell in 2006, we’ve been helping our loyal customers see the world clearly for over a decade. A glasses wearer herself, Jo saw a need to provide spectacle wearers with more choice in a market where mass-produced eyewear is the norm. No two people are the same and we believe glasses should be just as unique.

WINK is based in Elwood but our community goes beyond with word of mouth doing the talking for us. We’re a myopia/hyperopia utopia. Come see for yourself. Literally.

Our Team

Owner and optometrist Jo Twaddell is passionate about eyes! Since graduation from QUT in Brisbane in 1993, Jo has worked in Australia, Canada and the UK. She has been supported by the WINK community over the last decade while also tackling things like a post graduate in Ocular Therapeutics, raising three boys and dodging random cars parking in the shop.

Lucy is experienced in all aspects of optics from sales, operations and clinical management and has even spent time abroad in Germany perfecting her skills. A bona fide eyewear collector, Lucy almost owns a different pair of glasses for every day for a month. Now that’s commitment.

Robbie is our energetic Kiwi with all the goods. There’s nothing about dispensing that he doesn’t know. He’s a fully qualified dispensing optician and loves a good challenge.

Our optometrist Dean became a true eye-guy while writing his thesis in macular degeneration. He loved eyes so much that he went on to study the Doctor of Optometry at the University of Melbourne, which saw him undertake an internship in Canada. He’s since completed further training in behavioural optometry and takes a holistic approach to your vision needs. He loves working in the Elwood village spotting all the canine friends as they pass by WINK.